Investigative team Investigative team Lori (mother) Field manager-Full time investigator 144480840 Nina (cousin) Part time investigator 144480844 Kasi (sister) Junior Investigator-Full time 144485181 Natalee (sister) Junior Investigator-Part time 144485138 Mike aka CUZ (Father) Administrator-Full time investigator 144523565 The team in the field with ghost? Notice the small white orb near the ground to the right of the team. The photo labeled "After" shows the same spot after the team moves. Notice it is not just something on the ground because it is not in that photo 144546705 "After" This is what it looked like to our eyes. Notice the orb is gone. 144546706 Corwin (Wife) Historian, EMF, Full Time Investigator 155931910 Joshua (Self) Founder, Lead Investigator, Webmaster, Interviewer, Event Planner. 145450212 Debra Geer Co-Founder, Historian 195936234